Southwest Waste Management Authority Regional Landfill


Southwest Waste Management Authority
Regional Landfill
Highway 13 – 4 km west of Dollard, SK
Land Location: N/E ¼ 27-7-20 W/3
Phone #: 297 – 4020
Summer Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 9 AM – 4:30 PM
Winter Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9 AM – 4:30 PM
Closed Sundays, all Statutory Holidays, and the weekends of Statutory Holidays

Tipping Fees Price List

 Min Tipping Fee – Non Participating Municipality 125 kg and under $ 15
 Non – Participating Residents $ 120/Tonne
 Scale Fee $ 10 + GST
 Appliances Per Item $ 15
 Appliances Per Item with FREON $ 35
 Concrete & Asphalt $ 25/Tonne
 Creosote Lumber $ 300/Tonne
 Clean Wood and Pallets $ 10/Per Load
 Batteries (Drop Off at Office) No Charge
 Tree Branches (Must be Clean) No Charge
 Compost (Must be Clean) No Charge
 Clean Dirt No Charge
 Baled Grain Bags (Recyclable) No Charge
 Bagged twine (Recyclable) No Charge
 Single stream recycle No Charge

-Single stream recycle includes clean plastics #2 through #5, cardboard, paper, and tins.
-NO Tires, Used Oil, Paint, Electronics, Asbestos, Power Poles, Brake Pots, Hazardous Waste, Pesticide
Containers, Sewage/Waste Water, Dead Animals & “Hot” Loads/Burning Barrels, or Grain.

-Rural Residents of Participating R.M.’s are allowed to tip at no charge 3 bags of household garbage per
week, at a maximum of 12 bags per month.

Participating members include The Town of Eastend, Town of Shaunavon, and The Rural
Municipalities of Arlington, White Valley, Grassy Creek, and Bone Creek