RM of Wise Creek 2022 Newsletter




It has been another challenging year and it looks likely that many of the issues will continue. Due to extreme dryness, skyrocketing fuel costs and cost of living increases that haven’t been seen for decades the Council for the R.M. of Wise Creek decided not to increase the Tax Levy for 2022 in order to help support our Ratepayers.

All Tax payments must be received in the office on or before the last day of the month in order to receive that month’s discount. If you are paying through your bank ensure that you process payment at least 3 days prior to the end of the month as it usually takes that long for us to receive it. If you are mailing your payment please mail it at least a week before month end. We are happy to receive postdated cheques!


Administrator:                   Kathy Collins

Office Assistant:               Karianne Ross

Box 400, 194 Centre Street

Shaunavon S0N 2M0

Phone (306) 297-2520

Fax (306) 297-3162

Email rm77.78@sasktel.net

The Website is updated regularly, check it out for up to date information!



Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

(Closed for lunch from 12:00 – 1:00pm)


Reeve:           Denis Chenard        (306) 750-0279

Division 1:      Delia Thibault         (306) 297-8544

Division 2:      Daniel Ruest           (306) 297-7437

Division 3:      Casey Jones            (306) 625-7098

Division 4:      Cory Oliver               (306) 625-7570

Division 5:      Clinton Kirbyson    (306) 297-7830

Please feel free to contact the Reeve, your member of Council, or the office with any questions or concerns!  Council Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:00pm at the office. If you would like to attend to speak to Council, please contact the office a week in advance and we will add you to the agenda. 


There is now a new product as an alternative to Strychnine for the management/ reduction of gophers!

The Ministry of Agriculture performed a strychnine alternative study in the RM of Maple Creek No. 111 this spring. They are still waiting for the official approved study results.  James Tansey, provincial specialist, insect/pest management production technology, has approved the following message to be sent regarding the study. “Zinc Phosphide products, Burrow Oat Bait and Rodent Bait found to be as effective as strychnine and less expensive. They are also less prone to leave dangerous residues in dead gophers and are not environmentally persistent.”


Everyone is aware of the extreme infestation of gophers throughout the southwest.  We have limited supplies of this product. This bait comes in 20kg (44lb) bags which we are selling at cost to our ratepayers at $126.00/bag.  If you are interested in ordering, please contact the RM office at (306) 297-2520.



As of January 1, 2022, any building that has sleeping quarters will require building permits, this includes houses but may include other farm buildings such as a shop with a suite attached. These buildings were exempt on farms until now but with the new regulations the municipality is required to issue building permits for these structures. Other farm buildings are still exempt. For more information contact the office.

Another new regulation is the requirement of Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation – New Rules Effective July 1, 2022

  1. Every building that contains a residential occupancy is required to have smoke alarms installed inside each bedroom, in the bedroom corridor, and each storey without a bedroom. These smoke alarms are permitted to be battery operated. Ifthe building was constructed before June 6, 1988, then the batteries used for the smoke alarms must be 10-year batteries (see photo attached for example of 10-year battery alarm).
  2. Every building that contains a residential occupancy is required to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed inside each bedroom ORwithin 5 m (16’) of each bedroom door. These carbon monoxide alarms are permitted to be battery operated. If the building was constructed before October 1, 2009, for homes built after this the batteries used for the carbon monoxide alarms must be 10-year batteries (see photo attached for example of 10-year battery alarm).

What does this mean for owners?

If your residence is missing smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms in the locations listed above, then as the owner it is your responsibility to install the missing alarms.

The municipality and building officials are not required to enter every property to ensure that these alarms are installed. However, when a building official does enter the building for other reasons (building permit related), then due diligence by verifying the installation will be completed.                            


Age Friendly is a global movement of communities where policies, services, settings and structures support and enable people to age actively.

Home Supports Initiative is working towards assistance for Older Adults who want to age well in their hometown,

This IS Possible!

The RM of Wise Creek supports this initiative and we encourage you to check out the website for more information.  www.skseniorsmechanism.ca and add your personal support.


Waste Disposal –

Triway Disposal Bins located in Admiral are

for Admiral Residents use only.

Non-residents found using the bins will be fined.

If you would like bins for your personal farm use please contact: Triway Disposals at 306 773-7575 or

Helix Construction at 306 294-9191.

Gravel – Ratepayers have access to purchase up to 50 yards of ¾” road gravel, delivered, at the RM price, if you require gravel please contact the office and we will arrange it for you.

Farm Stress Line – Toll Free: 1-800-667-4442