Gopher Control- Burrow Oat Bait

The municipality will be bringing a pallet of Burrow Oat Bait to sell to Ratepayers at cost, $145.08 per bag. If you are interested please call the office (306-297-2520) to reserve what you need. We expect delivery early in April and as you know the earlier that you apply a product the better results you will get.  I have included information below on the study.

The Ministry of Agriculture performed a strychnine alternative study in the RM of
Maple Creek No. 111 this spring. We are still waiting for the official approved
study results, James Tansey, provincial specialist, insect/pest management
production technology, has approved the following message to be sent regarding
the study. “Zinc Phosphide products, Burrow Oat Bait and Rodent Bait found to
be as effective as strychnine and less expensive. They are also less prone to leave
dangerous residues in dead gophers and are not environmentally persistent.”
Everyone is aware of the extreme infestation of gophers throughout the
southwest. In search of product, we have contacted Johnston’s Grain and they
are willing to work with us and surrounding area to provide the Zinc Phosphide
Burrow Oat Bait. Johnston’s Grain has purchased the Ternes Sales and Service
land along the 21 highway north of Maple Creek. They have ordered the Zinc
Phosphide Burrow Oat bait and are anticipating delivery on June 29 pending any
shipping concerns. This bait comes in 20kg (44lb) bags at a cost of $145.08/bag.
Johnston’s is offering free delivery of the product if you order a minimum of 1
pallet (40bags per pallet) or you may pick up any quantity from their Maple Creek
location or you can make alternate arrangements. The bait is a pasteurized oat
bait that is treated with the zinc phosphide which means it will not germinate so
there is no risk of having this product grow where you treat.