Age Friendly Saskatchewan

The Rural Municipality of Wise Creek No.77 supports the

Aging in Place Home Supports Initiative

Please click on the links below for more information:

Here is the link to send your support to the Sask Seniors’ Mechanism for the Home Supports Initiative.


If you have plans for a backyard or farmyard construction project, remember to request a line locate on your
property before you begin.


Are you planning a landscaping project this summer? Remember to always request a line locate
before you start any digging. Dig slowly and be safe.

All Terrain Vehicles Rules and Regulations

ATV’s are permitted by bylaw on the  roads in the RM of Grassy Creek but all rules and regulations MUST be followed!
Safety gear
Always wear an approved motorcycle helmet and appropriate protective eye wear – it’s the law when you’re riding an ATV in public areas and recommended always.

Residential Lane Maintenance Policy

• Each residential lane may be bladed once each year at no charge.
• Each residential lane may be cleared of snow once each year at no charge.
• Any additional custom work including blading and or snowplowing will be charged at current custom work rates.